We are taking precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19.  Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about bringing in your pet for an appointment.

Q:  When are you open?

A:  We are open regular business hours:  M – F, 7 am – 5:30 pm and Saturday, 8 am – noon.

Q:  What if my pet has an appointment and I am not feeling well?

A:  If you are quarantined, experiencing coronavirus symptoms or not feeling well, please call the clinic before your appointment so we may discuss your pets’ issue and decide the best way to help your pet. 

Q:  Is your staff practicing social distancing techniques?

A:  Yes.

As clients and pets arrive at the clinic, we ask that you remain at least 6 feet from anyone in the parking lot and lobby, as well as avoid having pets interact with one another. 

Our staff will ask clients to remove their pets’ leashes and collars and replace them with a clean, disinfected soft lead. 

Clients can request to have their pet checked in from the vehicle. 

Q:  What precautions are you taking in the clinic to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

A:  Surfaces in our lobby and restrooms are disinfected multiple times daily with a virus killing agent.  This includes door handles, countertops, credit card terminals, benches and all restroom fixtures.  The exam rooms counters, door handles, benches and floors are disinfected before each patient. 

Q:  Are you still boarding pets?

A:  Yes.  We are following the same disinfecting procedures in our kennel as the public areas of our clinic.  This includes properly cleaning kennels, pet dishes and laundry items.